Keeping Pace With ChangeFive Communications Secrets Every Leader Should Know

Download Wainger Group’s new free eBook (a $12.95 value) Keeping Pace with Change: Lessons from Oz to find out the five secrets of more effective leadership communications from an improbable but successful role model: Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

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Wainger Group is on a mission to help people communicate better.

Wainger Group delivers strategic communications and public relations solutions for companies and organizations seeking to thrive and prosper in a rapidly changing world.

Is your world changing day to day, even hour by hour?

Grab change by the reins!  Wainger Group and its change management communications programs align your team around current and future goals and positions you for internal and external communications success.

Spending time and money on communications and PR and getting nowhere?

Get a better bang for your buck!  Wainger Group’s signature communications planning processes help you define goals, identify messages, and pinpoint the communications and PR vehicles that connect effectively to generate results.

Is your key audience not getting YOUR message?

Wainger Group presents message development processes that unite your team around clear, concise, and compelling messages — words and phrases that combat jargon, express how and why what you do matters, and resonate with the audiences you need to reach most.

Need a plan that will protect when bad things happen?

Wainger Group’s crisis communications planning and management systems bring confidence that comes from knowing you’re ready for an internal crisis or external challenge that could threaten success, or even safety.

Can’t get your internal team on the same page?

From internal change management to customer service enhancements, Wainger Group communications training builds team unity, increases efficiency, and engages audiences and clients more effectively — with results that last!

Can’t find the right words?

Online, on stage, or on the page, Wainger Group content development services zero in on your most effective messages and translate them into vibrant language capable of cutting through the communications clutter to deliver results.

Wainger Group helps leading foundations, associations, corporations, start-ups, and nonprofits win customers, change minds, increase revenue, and be heard loud and clear.   For more, contact Liz Wainger (rhymes with “ranger”) at (301) 340-6831 or