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Are You Confusing Mission with Message?

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Messaging is critical to getting your point across.  While executives and their teams talk about the importance of powerful messaging, many people don’t really understand what messages are.  One of the biggest misperceptions is that the Mission Statement IS the message. It is easy to see why they might think this way.   Many companies and nonprofit organizations will spend months …


The Prism of Value: Get Your Point Across

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Most enterprises approach communication from a “Prism of Me,” as opposed to a “Prism of Value.” Think of it this way. A prism takes white light and refracts it to create Technicolor rays.  In our communication, we too often lead with white light, that is, all the things we think they should know about us, or what we think is …

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Walk Your Way to Creative Writing

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After a few hours of staring at the blank Word document on my screen, I had had enough.  My creative writing was hardly that. I was starting to surf the  Internet for Real Housewives gossip and knew I needed an intervention.  The creative juices weren’t flowing and frustration was darkening my brain.  In fact the only thing that I managed …

Rodney Dangerfield and Jim Carrey at the premiere of 'Dr. Seuss'  How The Grinch Stole Christmas' at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles Ca. 11/8/00.Photo by Kevin Winter/ImageDirect

Internal Communications Like Rodney Dangerfield Gets No Respect

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They say that those closest to us are often the last to know things.  Nowhere is that more true than within our own companies and organizations.   Internal communications is often an afterthought.  Leaders tend to focus on communicating with those outside, forgetting their most important audience, their own staff and employees.  How can you engage customers, clients or donor …