About Wainger Group, LLC

Wainger Group is an independent, strategic communications consulting firm that helps its clients communicate effectively in an environment marked by rapid and profound change. Using compelling and clear communications, our clients are able to motivate and inspire employees, to engage their clients, customers and partners in their enterprise’s work and purpose, and ultimately transform their organizations.

Our approach is to work internally and externally in partnership with our clients to develop smart, creative strategies and then help our clients implement them. Each engagement meets a client’s  unique situations and budgets to illuminate value, elevate visibility, cultivate audience understanding and loyalty, and enhance revenue.

We started the company to provide the kind of service that we were always looking for – and often did not get – from communications firms when we were on the client side, namely:

Smart, strategic counsel to reveal a client’s true value to its most important audiences
Support in implementing the strategies that are put forth in the plans
A team that is seasoned and has a deep understanding of the client’s issues
Original thinking – no cookie-cutter solutions that worked for the last client
Bold new ideas that are actually achievable
  People who tell the truth, not just what you would like to hear