Wainger Group offers a range of communications services to help companies and organizations meet challenges, in both internal and external communications.

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Strategic Planning

Wainger Group takes the “scary” out of Strategic Planning with an approach that encourages every member of the team to play an integral part in defining and achieving success through communications.  Your strategic plan is enhanced with the messages and tools that answer challenges solve problems, and foster employee, customer, and partner buy-in.

Message Development

Cut through the communications clutter to find and articulate the message that expresses your value to your target audiences. Defeat “list-speak” with Wainger Group’s unique influence model of message development—an MVP program that inspires clients and customers to respond.

Communication Planning

Don’t mistake a media or tactics list for a plan. You need to expertly assess what you’re trying to achieve and which communications strategies will touch your best audiences. Wainger Group asks the right questions to determine the right tools—and approach—to drive your success.


The first step in any effective communications effort is an assessment and evaluation of your core competencies and assets, the perceptions of key stakeholders, and the competitive market or sector in which you operate. Wainger Group begins every communications engagement with a partnership-sensitive process that helps us ask the right questions to give you the right answers—and approach.

Competitive Landscape Analysis

To fortify and underscore your own credibility, stature, and awareness, you need to know not only what others in your space are doing—but how they’re saying it. Wainger Group applies a skilled team in nonprofit and corporate assessments to review the landscape and offer you an analysis that helps you position your value and compete more effectively.

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Communication Plans at Work

Once you’re armed with the plan that targets your most important audiences and the vehicles that are most likely to reach them, Wainger Group experts roll up our sleeves to reach the “gatekeepers” and influencers who have the power to put your brand identity in front of the readers, listeners, and viewers you need to reach most.

Digital Content Strategy & Development

We know the power of messages in action.  So we work closely with our clients to create content strategies that express those messages and achieve results. Wainger Group doesn’t just write, we help you define the most appropriate online and on-paper approach and vehicle to ensure results.

Media and Influencer Relations

Much more news releases or blast emails to reporters, Wainger Group helps you foster the relationships with traditional and through digital media to raise visibility, elevate brand identity, and reach key audiences through a rapidly-shifting maze of media and  other influencers..

Spokesperson Training

Few of us are born public speakers or media darlings. But every one of us can enjoy the skills and tips that help you focus on the points you most want to make, avoid distractions, rise above hostility (or bad news), and communicate professionalism in every encounter. Wainger Group shows you how with training for individuals or groups small and large.

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Organizational Alignment Strategies

To advance your objectives and increase the bottom line, your vision and key messages need to be understood and embraced by more than top leadership. Wainger Group brings teams together to achieve understanding, consensus and alignment around both internal and external objectives.

Cohesive Team & Culture-Building

Let Wainger Group give you the tools to break down silos and build buy-in throughout your enterprise.  Our facilitated sessions and retreats help you close gaps in understanding and build unity, so everyone lives your value every day.

Communications Training & Coaching

Take your communications skills to the next level with Wainger Group. Our fleet of award-winning journalists, communications strategists, digital media professionals, and public speakers help you develop skills that enhance collaboration and foster loyalty, both externally and internally.

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Crisis Communications Planning

Your team needs to know how to respond to unexpected events before they occur—and they can’t do that with a mammoth volume of instructions that few read before the crisis occurs. Wainger Group delivers a simple system that all levels of the organization can access so you react strategically, clearly, and effectively to protect, assist, and inform.

Game-Changing Retreats

Does your team need a hand to put a new strategic plan into place?  Maybe you’d like to address new and cross-generational audiences—or just a need a communications booster to achieve your goals. Wainger Group engages your toughest audiences with lively and interactive sessions that help you build camaraderie and communications authority.